Special Offer for Thames Valley Tool Hire customers using our new Iver Branch.

Thames Valley Tool Hire have a very special offer for our customers to celebrate the opening of their new and enlarged Iver depot (for September & October 2018 only).

We would like to offer any of our customers hiring plant (and popular hire items) from the Iver depot either:

  • Free of Charge delivery & collection OR
  • 2 days hire for the usual 1 day rate OR
  • An extra 10% hire discount.
  • You choose!

For more details on the special offer please contact Anthonie at our Iver depot  on 01895 236 537 or use the contact form Contact us here .

Alternatively come and have a coffee with us at the new depot and we can discuss your requirements.

You can find details of the new Iver depot here – https://www.thamesvalleyhireservices.co.uk/contact-us/

The Special Offer Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • You must be an existing customer of Thames Valley Hire Services Ltd
  • The offer extends to both cash and account customers using the Iver branch
  • You must advise us IN ADVANCE of the hire, which Special Offer option you require.
  • Popular hire items include:

Plant, towers, staging, acrow props and strongboys, trestles & boards, cement mixers, compactor plates, breakers,  genie lifts and beam lifters,  pressure washers, dehumidifiers, bench tile saws, heaters, rotavators & garden machinery,  petrol cut off saws & transformers.

  • We will extend the offer to additional equipment if you are hiring for a minimum of one week.
  • All hires are subject to our standard Hire Association Europe (HAE) terms and conditions – click here to view

Full details of Thames Valley Hire Services on https://www.thamesvalleyhireservices.co.uk/

Datchet Golf Club

Datchet golf course

Discreetly tucked away, just a lob wedge from the centre of Datchet Village, you will be warmly welcomed by the members and staff alike. We hope to see you here soon!

For Members of the club please register to get access to private Member pages. If you register with your HowDidIDo login details logging into the club website will log you into HowDidIDo too!

Telephone: 01753 543 887

Pro Shop: 01753 545 222
email: secretary@datchetgolfclub.co.uk



Radiant Blinds Fixed Shop Awnings of Club Gascon in London

Fixed Triangular Canopies

Radiant Blinds made these fixed triangular canopies for Club Gascon in the heart of London. They were manufactured in the company’s factory by the Radiant Blinds experienced team creating a modern yet sophisticated appearance. The logo was hand painted on to the grey acrylic cover creating a smart appearance in keeping with the shopfront. All the shop awnings are made to measure and Radiant Blinds can advise on colours, signwriting and design of the awning. If you would like a free estimate, please contact Radiant Blinds and they would be pleased to arrange this.

About Club Gascon

Club Gascon is a French restaurant located in London, England. As of 2012, the restaurant holds one star in the Michelin Guide. The French restaurant was opened by Pascal Aussignac and Vincent Labeyrie in October 1998, and serves French cuisine. In addition to its Michelin star, it has also won two Catey Awards. For more info visit www.clubgascon.com.

About Radiant Blinds

If you are considering shop awnings, a shop canopy or shop blinds, Radiant Blinds would be pleased to have a look at your premises and provide a free estimate. You can call or email them for further information on any of their products. One of the main reasons clients choose to purchase shop awnings manufactured and installed by Radiant Blinds is that they add value to their business.

Head Office
Radiant Blinds Ltd
101 Ewell Road
Surbiton | Surrey
0208 390 8755

Blinds for Bifold Doors Can Make Your Home Safely Shaded

These days blinds for bifold doors have become a bit of a popular choice for most homeowners. They not only enhance the look of your house but also add some security to your homes. With unexpected happenings that occur around us, safety is critical today. While building a own home, people are always looking for something that enhances the aesthetics of their home and adds safety at the same time. With many options available in the market (see www.bifold-doorblinds.co.uk), the mentioned points below may help you choose the blinds for bifold doors that are nicely suited for your home.

  • There are certain doors that can be fitted at the corner of the property to enjoy a complete view of the garden. On the other hand, there are also some doors that could be installed on the complete wall to make it a center attraction. Depending upon your setup, you can choose blinds for bifold doors that either open inwards or outwards.
  • These doors need to be installed with the help of expert installers only as they are the best judge of size and assembly. There are certain fittings that need to be taken into consideration while installing blinds for bifold doors, so it is important to leave it at the hands of experts. It is critical to not try installing them yourself as it can lead to an imbalance in the fittings.
  • You need to choose the right style and size for your blinds for bifold doors. There are a lot of suppliers who will offer a variety of finishes and colors. The right design and style will help you give safety to your home. Make sure to choose the right handles that are durable and sturdy at the same time so that these can provide a good amount of safety to your home.
  • In the market you can also select the custom blinds that can fit nicely to your bi fold doors. These can be secured according to the safety aspect depending upon the area that you live in. So you will need to make sure that you only select the ones that add custom safety that is best suited for your property.
  • The blinds for bifold doors that you get need to be approved by kite mark. The hinges that you choose for the doors and blinds need to be durable enough to survive any break in attempts that are tried on your property. There are many sturdy quality bifold doors with blinds available in the market but you need to make sure that you only get the ones that are durable and strong at the same time.
  • If you are a novice in deciding the right blinds for bifold doors, you can also ask from your neighbors or friends who may have bought these doors. Their input can help you get an idea about whether this type of door will be suitable for your home or not.

Make sure to consider the points given above and then decide on getting these blinds for bifold doors. Once you invest in these styles of doors and blinds you can be sure that you will get a good amount of safety and elegance to your property. However, you need to research deeply about the available options (go to https://www.radiantblinds.co.uk/blinds-for-bifolds/) and then get the one that is greatly suited for you. The time that you invest in researching the right product will provide satisfying results in the long run.

Radiant Blinds Supplies and Installs Conservatory Blinds

conservatory blinds

Radiant Blinds has been supplying and installing a wide range of conservatory blinds for conservatory roofs and sides for many years.

Conservatories in the United Kingdom have been one of those desired structures when undertaking any building work or renovations. Generally, they are an easy way to add some extra space. This could be a entertainment area, dining area or an extra sitting room. Alternatively it could just be study room. For the most part, one important element that is often overlooked are Conservatory Blinds.

Why do you need conservatory blinds?

Conservatory Blinds reduce the heat and glare during hot, sunny days. Additionally they provide a form of winter insulation. They can make your room usable throughout the whole year. It’s not until you actually have a conservatory that you discover how hot it can get in the height of summer. Therefore many customers find it is not only stylish but also necessary.

Most Conservatory Blinds are Pleated Blinds. These folding fabric style blinds are great for roofs. They can be made square to triangular. In addition, they can be made into lots of different shapes to match the roof panels. You can have complete control over which blinds to have closed or opened. Why have them all closed if the sun only affects part of it? The side blinds can be made out of the same fabric to match. Alternatively Radiant Blinds can offer you a different style of blind for the sides to add contrast. These can be Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds or even Plantation Shutters.

At Radiant Blinds, they can offer you a whole range a Conservatory Blinds no matter the size. They can even supply and install Motorised Conservatory Blinds. You can operate them at the touch of a button.

If you have a lean-to style roof then you should also consider an external solution. For example, One big blind that will roll downwards covering all the panels with a single blind.

For more help or information for all Conservatory Blinds call Radiant Blinds on 0208-390-8755.

Head Office
Radiant Blinds Ltd
101 Ewell Road
Surbiton | Surrey

The 2 Towers In The 1951 Festival of Britain

SkylonThe 1951 Festival of Britain had 2 interesting towers.

The web got additional information on the Skylon,

Festival of BritainThe other tower on the Festival site was the Shot Tower. Again through the wonders of the internet here’s all about it, In the photo from Terry Whalebone’s Flickr site, shows the Shot Tower on the left.

  • Later image of the  Shot Tower after the Festival had ended
  • Shot Tower description in Wikipedia
  • In Festival of Britain Lighthouse by Mycetes provides both explanation and some history of the Shot Tower

Get Hypnotherapy Training For A Career As A Practising Hypnotherapist In Datchet

Retrain for a new career in hypnotherapy!

Practise it full time, as a new job, or part-time, so as to increase your income. It’s an interesting, well paid profession – giving you independence, flexible hours, and good work-satisfaction.

The European College of Hypnotherapy training courses are accredited by the GHSC and our full Diploma course complies with CNHC requirements.
Now, with the recent introduction of self-regulation in hypnotherapy, you may become a practising hypnotherapist in Datchet through this College in either of two ways:

1. Attend a 10 day intensive hypnotherapy training course over a fortnight (ie week-days), plus one weekend, of class tuition, that enables you to attain our Certificate in Hypnotherapy and join the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) as an Affiliate. Be aware, though, that requirements may come along in the future that all UK practitioners must have completed a full diploma course. For a longer-term view, you may prefer to attend our full Diploma Course:

2. Attend our full professional Diploma in Hypnotherapy course (constituting the same material as on the Certificate in Hypnotherapy course plus 3 further weekends of class tuition, and much additional home work – reading, internet study, essays, etc., with a final examination), so meeting the agreed Core Curriculum and Learning Outcomes as mapped to the revised National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy, and thereby rendering you eligible for Membership of the GHR and Registration with the CNHC. The initial 10-day intensive course over a fortnight, plus one weekend, are the same classes for both routes. You can decide how to proceed after completing the Certificate course.

Dr. Hearne heads the College and endeavours to teach most of the hypnotherapy training course material in order to maintain a high standard of expertise in students.

Students completing a paid course may sit-in FREE once again on the same hypnotherapy training course (if there is room) running within a year!

Air Ambulance Repatriation

An air ambulance aircraft is used for medical repatriation in situations where medical services are not adequate or the patient needs to be moved to be closer to home from overseas. Air ambulance aircraft are different from ambulance helicopters which are used for short medical rescues where ground ambulances are not suitable.

Air ambulance crews are supplied with equipment that enables them to provide medical treatment to a critically injured or ill patient. Common equipment for these type of patient transport aircraft includes ventilators, medication, an ECG and monitoring unit, CPR equipment and stretchers. Air Ambulance International (AAI) is at your service, 24 hours a day, to accommodate all your medial repatriation needs to the maximum level of safety, comfort and efficiency.

An medical flight company is expected to have emergency medical technicians, paramedics, flight nurses, a respiratory therapist and in some cases a physician; but in critical cases they are required to have a physician and a nurse. The aircraft used for an air ambulance is specially designed for life supporting activities. So, there are a few differences in the interiors of the aircraft. Advanced medical equipment is on board to help support the flight medical crew attend to the patient. The main air ambulance service is transporting a patient from one location to another as fast as possible while ensuring the patient is medically secure.

If you need air ambulance service coverage to repatriate you to Datchet, you can get in touch with them at AAI, by calling them on +44(0) 1753-654751 or visiting their web site where you can use the contact form.

Prices for repatriation depend on the medical and equipment required. The operations team will help you match your budget or if you didn’t know what kind of services you need, just ask them what service they would recommend.  After that, they will ask you for further information such as the name of the patient, age, current location of the patient, destination and then the medical company will handle other necessary arrangements. Operations will monitor the flight process until the patient is successfully transported.

So, when our life or the lives of our beloved ones are threatened and we’re really in need of secure and fast aeromedical flight transportation, Air Ambulance International provides the best, comfortable, worry-free, complete bed side to bed side medical flight transport.

Air Ambulance International has 24×7 operational bases in Houston, Texas and London Heathrow and coordinates worldwide air ambulance services from these operations centres.




Heathrow Air Ambulance Private Ambulance Service in Datchet Berkshire

private ambulance vehicles on standby

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service (HAA) medical transport services provides a UK and European wide private ambulance service. We task our private ambulance vehicles and emergency fast response cars to Datchet, Berkshire and throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe on a daily basis.

HAA operates vehicles that are custom built to our own very high standards by a major US ambulance manufacturer. Safety features within our medical transport vehicles exceed the KKK Standard, recognised as the best in the world. All of these have air-conditioning and full life-support equipment which are always being updated. These vital ground medical transport vehicles are used to link aircraft and hospital, front line emergency work for NHS Ambulance Trusts and are widely used for longer journeys in all of Europe.

Please contact us at our web page for more details on how best we can help you in Datchet, Berkshire.